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Other writings by Maharaji Kripalu and comments “Yugal Shatak”


A series of one hundred chantings related to Barsane-wari Radha Rani and Krishn which Maharaji Kripalu wrote in Barsana during Guru Poornima, 2000. These soul-catching chantings have become the soul-treasure of the devotees.

“Yugal Madhuri”

Radha Krishn of Divine Vrindaban descended on the earth planet and drenched the Brajwasis with the nectar of Their loving leelas.  In this book Shree Maharajji has reproduced the Divine sweetness of the loving virtues of our soul-loving Divine Beloveds, which, when faithfully imbibed, reduces the intellectuality, sprouts the seed of Divine love in the heart, and drowns the devotee in the sweet loving feelings of Radha Krishn love.

“Yugal Ras”

Lovely, simple and short chantings of Radha Krishn that elevate humble devotional feelings in the heart of a devotee.

“Shyama Shyam Geet”

One thousand and eight fabulous couplets revealing the braj and nikunj leelas of Radha and Krishn which delight every devotee who reads them and drowns them in the loving ocean of Radha Krishn love.

“Shree Krishn Dwadashi and Shree Radha Trayodashi”

For the loving remembrance of Radha Krishn, Shree Maharajji has written twelve pad in which he has fully described the beauty and the decorations of Krishn, and thirteen pad about the beauty and the decorations of Radha Rani.   It is the first time that such a detailed description of every aspect of the Divine beauty of Radha Rani and Shree Krishn has been revealed, as it is seen in the Divine Vrindaban.

“Braj Ras Madhuri I and II”

It contains over 300 chantings of the name, form and the virtues of Radha Krishn.

“The Prayer Book”

Prayers, arti, homage and devotional instructions for daily devotion as explained by Shree Maharajji.


People’s comments about “Prem Ras Siddhant”

Prem Ras Siddhant” of Shree Kripaluji Maharaj is a book of unparalleled Divine wisdom that reveals all the Divine aspects of the supreme God,especially the Divine love aspects of Radha Krishn.  I was thrilled to read this book.  It will help all the Krishn devotees to understand the devotional secrets and to proceed on their path of God realization.

Shree Dhananjaya Das, Kathiya Baba, Vrindaban.

The greatness of “Prem Ras Siddhant” is that it explains even the most intricate topics of our scriptures in an easily understandable style.  It is my heartfelt desire that the followers of the path of Divine love should study this book of Divine love with great love and dedication.

Shree Prabhudatt Brahmchari, Sankirtan Bhavan, Jhusi, Allahabad.

I have read “Prem Ras Siddhant.”  It is an incredible book that could  open the heart of God loving people and Grace them with the devotional love.

Jagadguru Shankaracharya, Joshi Math, Badrikashram.

The Divine truth that has been manifested in this book represents the omniscient intelligence of the writer.  The expression ‘to engross your mind in nam sankirtan is devotion, and to be fully engrossed in nam sankirtan is the perfection’ encourages a devotee to proceed on his path.  While producing the essence of the Vedas and Darshan Shastras, Shree Kripaluji Maharaj has also revealed the unlimited loving beauty of God in such a style where intellectuality subsides and criticism disappears forever.  Incredible is this work and incredible is its writer.

Shree Pathikji (his articles were frequently published in “Kalyan”  Gita Press, Gorakhpur).

I read “Prem Ras Siddhant” of Shree Kripaluji Maharaj which thrilled my heart to a great extent.  All the major questions and the criticisms regarding religion and the path to God are answered and brilliantly reconciled.  According to the need of today, such a Divine book was a necessity of this age.  I give thousands of salutations to the author of this book.

Shree Rampadarthdas Vedanti, Janakighat, Ayodhya



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