Maharaji Kripalu

"Radha Govind Geet"


Kripalu Maharaj Books

Maharaji Kripalu wrote the Radha Govind Geet, comprised of Radha Krishn songs in 11,111 couplets. They are like the Divine jewels and are truly an invaluable asset for all the devotees of Shyama Shyam and also for the scholars of Bhartiya scriptures, research scholars, devouts, yogis, gyanis, and anyone desiring to know the true underlying theme of our scriptures and the true path to God realization. In an easily understandable form, it relates all the devotional and philosophical descriptions of Shat Sandarbh and Bhakti Rasamrit Sindhu, written by Jeev Goswami and Roop Goswami.

These couplets tell about Ved Vyas and the relationship of soul and God. The Divine descension of God, Ved Vyas, after revealing the Vedas and the Upnishads, wrote the Gita. Then he revealed the Mahabharat; afterwards he wrote the seventeen Puranas, and, in the end, he wrote the Bhagwatam.

He says that ‘tat’ word of the “tattvamasi” phrase of the Upnishad refers to Krishn and ‘tvam’ refers to the soul. Thus, every soul is eternally related to God (Krishn). The Mundakopnishad defines that soul is an infinitesimal aspect of the Divinity of God. But, it is under the domain of maya which itself is under the command of Krishn. So, only with His Grace the bondage of maya could be removed. Describing the significance of gyan, yog and bhakti he says that that knowledge is the true ‘knowledge’ which constantly increases the love for your beloved God (Krishn). Indulging in personal name, fame and comfort in the pretense of spirituality is total ignorance.

Without the true bhakti, in millions of lifetimes, the Divine knowledge of brahm cannot be obtained with any kind of practice. The practices of gyan and yog, if done without bhakti, will only increase hypocritical vanity in the heart of the practitioner, because the true ‘knowledge’ and the true ‘renunciation’ are the natural consequences of bhakti.

Ved Vyas tells in the Bhagwatam that the essence of all the scriptures and all the spiritual knowledge and its related practices is bhakti, which is lovingly longing for the vision and love of your beloved God, Krishn, with a dedicated heart and faithful mind while remembering and chanting His name and the leelas, and feeling His ‘personal presence’ in close proximity with your own being. The path of bhakti is so simple that you simply sit in the boat of bhakti and Krishn will navigate you to His Divine abode. The fascinating sweetness of the Divine bhakti (which is Divine love) is so amazing that it keeps on increasing every moment, forever.


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